(Part of Roofs that Shield)

“I just want to play.”

With all the ongoing crisis we want to reach even the smallest in need, our children!

At Nusaned, we want to give the children a voice in urban development processes and bring safe public spaces to children who do not have the means to get themselves to public spaces. By taking away one car parking spot and replacing it with an area where children can play outdoors with no fear of traffic, we help the community and provide more urgently needed quality urban space.  The ParticiPLAY project started out as a group project at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden by Barne Haferkamp, Marie Middendorf, Karl Sandman and Amitis Fouladi and has been developing as a pilot project with Nusaned for a greater purpose for children in Lebanon ever since.

the challenge

Due to the ongoing financial and political crisis, as well as mismanagement, public space for children is missing. Furthermore,children who participate in forming public space are also more likely to be involved with their community in the future. Hence, getting a chance to create an impact and their own voice is being heard, gives hope, aspirations and trauma can be healed. Especially in the dense environment of Bourj Hammoud a lack of such spaces exists.

make a difference!

Your donation, no matter the size, makes a considerable difference for the children of this country.

our ambition

In July 2021, we want to build the first ParticiPlay to be located in Bourj hammoud. The aim of this construction is to see and analyze the use of the playground, so that future implementations can be adapted accordingly. 

Furthermore, the project is supposed to act as a catalyst for future transformations of the streetscape of Bourj Hammoud. The project should not be viewed as just a playground, it should be viewed as an installation with the potential of changing people’s views on their outdoor environment. Ideally driving a shift from single purpose car parking areas to community based multipurpose public areas. It showcases the advantages and possibilities a conversion has for the environment and the community. 

After a first prototype is constructed and potential changes have been made to the design, the aim is to continue developing similar installations within other areas of Bourj Hammoud. With more implementations, the change to the streetscape can become more prominent.

where we are

We have coordinated with Bourj Hammoud Municipality, and received their approval on multiple prospect locations for ParticiPLAY in Bourj Hammoud.

We need you! Nusaned is launching fundraising initiatives for Participlay in July 2021.

Throughout the last months we established the project. A design process with workshops via zoom with children from the age of 5 to 12  from Beirut lead to a final design that involves the child’s own perspective on outdoor space. We are planning on opening the built ParticiPLAY on memorial day of last year’s blast, the 4th of August 2021. 

This project follows the sustainable development goals and methods, it consists of:

- Colortek donated decorative paint for the following project which will be applied by an artist in collaboration with community children.

- This project is made out of locally produced beams and panels from recycled plastic, from Cedar Environmental

- Light for Lebanon program by Light Reach ngo is providing solar lighting fixtures

- Additional playing tools, like ropes and net made out of sustainable materials and are locally produced

- Children from Beirut are involved in the process from the start of the design

how we support

From July 2021 on, Nusaned will help the community and create a sustainable impact for children. Taking another important step to help impoverished families to transition out of crisis and into a sustainable livelihood. By partnering with local experts and initiatives, we are able to work cost efficiently and sustainable.