Feminist in Action

Feminist in Action (FIA) is a Livelihood project funded by Care International, tackling the limited access of disadvantaged families, mostly women-lead, to tailored financial and technical support, and aiming at providing 45 women from vulnerable communities with opportunities to enhance their technical skills and become economically empowered and self-reliant. This is achieved by offering vocational training in 3 dominated work fields related to minor shelter repairs (electrical repairs, carpentry, paint) followed by entrepreneurship skills training. Participants also followed awareness sessions about gender-based violence (GBV) and protection measures.

The project extends over a period of 6 months and involves 45 women from vulnerable backgrounds and divides the trainees into 3 groups (15 trainees each). The project covers 70 hours of vocational training, 3 hours of PSEA awareness sessions that aim at improving their mental health and well-being as well as reinforcing their coping mechanisms during hardships, 2 hours of First Aid training, and finally 12 hours of Entrepreneurship and Marketing training.


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