Our Focus

Our Focus

By working with our communities, local partner network and international NGOs, we aim to support the development of sustainable communities through multi-tier, integrated interventions based on the three pillars of sustainable development.

Let’s Work Economically
Working with communities to identify opportunities that create living incomes and ensure gender balance within them.

We provide solutions to local challenges that are designed to build inclusive, resilient economies.We conduct training programs and explore job opportunities to help redress the imbalance and inequitable participation in the labor force to achieve sustainable and resilient livelihoods.

Creating employment opportunities in the agricultural and construction sectors.

We revive and diversify farming for food security and economic gain through local and global networks and set up interdisciplinary local teams for the rehabilitation and management of the built environment.

Supporting micro-enterprises.

We establish new or reactivate existing micro-enterprises through financial support, providing equipment and training to expand commercial opportunity, and extending housing rehabilitation to include adjacent commercial spaces, when applicable.

Instilling culture of sweat equity.

We encourage the beneficiaries to contribute to each project through sweat equity, offering ownership, control and pride through the personal investment of time and labor. This in turn creates a non-aid culture, breeding a sense of self-initiative which transfers to other parts of their lives.

Let’s Work Socially
Cultivating a community participatory approach.
We map and prioritize needs based on a detailed and value-based assessment process combined with sharing decision making and implementing design interventions.
Rehabilitating and building houses.

We focus on providing the basic human right for shelter that transforms houses into safe, healthy and nurturing homes.

Rehabilitating and building community spaces.

We promote communal living and a healthy neighborhood environment for all, especially those related to youth and children, to create shared indoor and outdoor community spaces.

Investing in worker development.

We help increase local capacity and improve economic opportunity by training workers in various sectors - mainly building construction, agriculture and trade - as well as building capacity of on-site teams on work culture, worker health and safety concerns.

Let’s Work Environmentally
Promoting sustainable agriculture to achieve food security.

We revive and increase the productive yield of underdeveloped rural lands, and explore the full potential of urban agriculture by introducing new technologies.

Engaging the community in waste management initiatives.

We increase education, raise awareness and support communities to manage waste.

Creating green domestic and shared spaces.

We support greener environments for our communities by planting fruit trees in private spaces and community gardens, greening public and open community spaces, and reviving agricultural fields and fruit orchards.

Increasing access to green and affordable energy.

We aim to increase access to affordable energy by transforming agricultural byproducts and residues to energy for heating, and introducing solar energy for lighting of public and private spaces.

Reducing the ecological footprint of construction projects.

We support national building material industries and suppliers, when applicable, and aim to construct energy efficient buildings in addition to investing in a circular economy from project concept to end -of-life by prolonging use of building materials and buildings.