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Together, we can build stronger communities.

Nusaned is built on partnership and collaboration to improve the livelihoods of families across Lebanon. We work with individuals, companies, NGOs, and pro bono partners, to address complex challenges on a national scale.

Together, we share the same mission and values and make them integral parts of our strategies. We are honored and humbled by their generosity. Beyond their financial support, our partners have contributed creative ideas, critical expertise, essential volunteer power and endless support in kind.
Carmen Bsaibes

Carmen Bsaibes

Carmen Bsaibes is a Lebanese talent who has showcased her stellar acting and directing skills in highly rated series and movies.

She has previously participated in movies such as The Knower, Morine and Damascus Time.  But she is mostly known for her latest Lebanese series, Arous Beirut, which aired in 2019 and is expected to continue with a second season within the year 2020.

Carmen represents the strong independent Lebanese woman and embodies the corresponding characteristics of naturalness, humbleness and resilience. This fits hand in hand with the Nusaned brand personality and we are proud to call her our brand ambassador.

Ways To Contribute

By partnering with Nusaned you can create opportunities to involve yourself or your team more deeply in your communities.