Who Is Nusaned

Who Is Nusaned

Nusaned is a humanitarian, community-based and volunteer organization.  We believe that the power to create change comes from working collaboratively.

Nusaned does not engage in any political activity, and remains at equal distance from all religions.  We support communities based on a non-biased, egalitarian and value-based needs assessment process.

How it all started

As the Lebanese economy struggled, businesses shuttered, unemployment rates reached unprecedented levels, and poverty numbers spiked, the management team at Sirajart unanimously agreed to divert the company’s commitment and energy towards charitable social work. Their move was envisioned as an integral part of their corporate social responsibility.

This shift proved to be the catalyst to create Nusaned in December 2019, just two months after the October 17th Uprising in Lebanon.

Nusaned began by reaching out to local stakeholders in North Lebanon, seeking to address agricultural deficiencies of marginalized rural communities. The poverty, deprivation, and substandard living conditions of local residents prompted our team to respond quickly by providing much-needed food parcels, hygiene kits and clothing, while also initiating the rehabilitation of homes.

Through those spontaneous actions came the building blocks of Nusaned’s agriculture and housing projects, which gradually evolved from an aid model into a platform to foster self-sufficiency and economic sustainability for these communities.