Food and Non Food Vouchers

Nusaned recognizes the need to mobilize resources and roll out a voucher distribution scheme to vulnerable households in Lebanon.
Food vouchers are assuming greater importance as a viable alternative to traditional food aid, as they are more timely, cost-effective, and empowering for beneficiaries giving them a bigger assortment to choose from, fresh produce and meat and chicken not available in traditional food parcels. Vouchers also help strengthen the local economy by creating large-scale ripple effects and improving the socio-cultural ties of affected populations.
Nusaned has implemented seven food voucher programs in Akkar, Tripoli, Mount Lebanon, and Beirut till mid-2023. These programs have provided much-needed assistance to vulnerable households and have helped to improve their resilience to the harsh economic conditions in Lebanon.

Join us in supporting Nusaned's work to provide food vouchers to vulnerable households in Lebanon. Your donation will help ensure that people can sustain and retain their resilience during these difficult times.

937,945 USD

Vouchers' Total Amount


Households Supported