Honey Bee Kits

The Honey Bee Kits project was designed with two main objectives: firstly, to support young beekeepers by developing their capacities and providing them with new beehives so that they produce honey and its alternatives and gain new means of subsistence; secondly to establish a sustainable bee and beehive center for honeybee-related education, beekeeping, and breeding to aim at  improving the honey value chain.  Nusaned managed the apiary in a way to ensure that the bees will be reared and taken care of in a suitable place for beekeeping in Akkar and to produce new bee colonies,honey and other related products.  Nusaned followed up with the beneficiaries, created small groups in villages and linked them with experts to support them when needed.

Bebnine, Qarqaf, Berkayel, Jdeidet el Qayteh, Sfeinet el Qayteh, Bzal, Beit Yuness, Beit Ayoub, Mechmech, and Fneideq were supported in Akkar at a Cost of $32,300


Beehives Distributed


Beekeepers Supported


Villages Supported in Akkar