Roofs that Shield Beirut

The objective of Roofs That Shield Beirut was to rehabilitate 2,050 units, both residential and commercial, in the peripheral neighborhoods that incurred damage due to the August 4th, 2020 Beirut Blast.  Those units included 80 - 120 sqm houses of lower-income families, small shops, pharmacies, and clinics, and fell under three scopes: minimal, medium, and severe intervention.

As per our digital value-based needs assessment, marginalized and vulnerable groups, including women-headed households, vulnerable women and girls, the elderly, as well as people with disabilities, were given priority.  Moreover, small businesses in the areas such as small retailers, pharmacies, and clinics were also given priority to speed up their “going back to business” process.

 A roof that shields is a basic human right

Everyone deserves a safe and secure place to call home

Your donation can provide a safe and secure home for someone in need!


Residential Units Rehabilitated


Commercial Units Rehabilitated


Restaurants Rehabilitated


Heritage Buildings Rehabilitated


Community Spaces Rehabilitated