Vegetable and Fruit Garden Kits

A single seed can go a long way in helping needy families achieve food security and self-sufficiency. In line with this, Nusaned distributed various plants, seeds, and trees - including lettuce, cauliflower, cabbage, and chard variety and trees of the fig, lemon, grape, pomegranate, walnut, and almond varieties as well as seeds of the parsley, radish, and spinach variety - as well as organic substances to 300 farmers in Akkar, in the villages of Bebnine, Qarqaf, Berkayel, Jdeidet el Qayteh, and Wadi Jamous.  Organic substances were provided to encourage farmers to farm within organic standards and free from pesticides.

These farmers planted their gardens and ultimately used the produce as part of their daily consumption.

Thanks to our hardworking team and our generous donors we hope to continue supporting these communities in ending hunger and poverty.

Vegetable and Fruits Kits Distributed at a cost of $6,282


Area Covered