Our success stories

Our success stories

Akkar Backyard Kits
February 2021

In times of economic crisis and with underprivileged families finding it increasingly hard to put food on the table it is crucial that we reach out to support those in need.

As part of our “Crops That Yield” program we aim to provide needy families and individuals with the tools to achieve food security and self-sufficiency.

In line with this, we distributed various plants and seeds as well as organic substances to 300 farmers in Akkar. Our distribution took place in 5 areas in Akkar: Bebnine, Wadi Jamous, Qarqaf, Jdaideh and Berkayel.

These farmers have gardens that with our support they can plant in and ultimately the produce will give them part of their daily consumption.

We provided them with plants of the lettuce, cauliflower, cabbage and chard variety as well as seeds of the parsley, radish, and spinach variety. We also provided them with organic substances to encourage them to farm within organic standards free from pesticides which we will then follow up on.

Thanks to our hardworking team and our generous donors we hope to continue supporting these communities in ending hunger and poverty.

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