Our success stories

Our success stories

Salim Gholam Heritage Building
December 2020

In the aftermath of the August 4th port explosion, countless buildings were severely damaged in the Gemayzeh. One of these buildings is the historic Salim Gholam Heritage Buildings Plots 1137 and 474. These buildings tells the story of the architectural development in Beirut between 1870 and 1930. As a result of the explosion it endured structural cracks on the facades as well as major damage to the internal and external wall plaster.

As part of our “Roofs That Shield Beirut” program our hardworking team; in partnership with the AUB Neighborhood Initiative, Save Beirut Heritage, Arcencial and CTI Contracting, restored the buildings following the highest standard method for heritage buildings.

At Nusaned we greatly value our Lebanese culture and take pride in preserving our heritage. This culture is ingrained in Beirut’s beautiful traditional buildings and we aim to not only rehabilitate what has been destroyed but to preserve the legacy of these buildings

We are grateful to IWC for supporting the Salim Gholam Heritage Building restoration and to our amazing team that brought this historic buildings back to life.

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