Nudawwer is a community-based pilot project in the Mar Mikhael - Gemmayze area in Beirut, implemented by UNEP through Nusaned, and funded by the SwitchMed programme, which aims at transforming consumption and production patterns to more sustainable ones in the Mediterranean.. Through awareness raising and capacity building activities, this project is introducing circular elements and sustainable consumption and production patterns into the neighborhood to spark behavioral change and allow green businesses to thrive. Nudawwer addresses primarily SDG 12 (Sustainable Consumption and Production) and the results will serve as a foundation and blueprint for replication and scaling up to influence policy action. To alleviate the waste problem and as an entry point to pilot circular loops and Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) patterns, food systems and solid wastes are tackled. Restaurants have been identified as strategic partners to target producers and consumers and establish green businesses. To date, Nudawwer has engaged: 9 restaurants in sorting and collecting non-organic and packaging waste at the source, two vendors in the digital-cash activity, 477 households in recycling activities, 5 MSMEs in recycling and spreading awareness to their clients. The impact has resulted in collecting around 8,000 Kgs of Organic Waste; 250 Kgs of Fertilizers, 8,600 Kgs of Plastics & Other recyclables collected.

Users involved

614 households

MSMEs involved


Purchasers involved




Organic Waste collected

around 14,958Kgs

Compost generated

550 Kgs

Plastics & Other recyclables collected

856 Kgs (plastics), 82 Kgs (aluminum), 145 Kgs (Tin), around 6,088 Kgs (glass), 270 Kgs (Cardboard)