Our success stories

Our success stories

Chicken Coop Kit
June 2020

Under the Crops that Yield program, and given their feasibility and quick-return to the households, the chicken coop backyard kits provide impoverished families not only with a source of food security, but also a living income where they can sell the surplus egg production in exchange for cash or produce to obtain a well-balanced nutrition.

With the collaboration of Nusaned’s Roofs That Shield members, architect and product designer Karma Dabaghi, and Nusaned volunteer Imad Nawam, a coop design guideline was created based on principles of a circular economy, whereby the coop is constructed predominantly from reused material but also can be dismantled for reassembly. The sourcing of wood pallets for the coop enclosure from suppliers who would normally throw them away was key, as well as the corrugated sheets for the roof that were procured from junk yards. The peripheral ring is made of hollow blocks, not concrete, so the material can be reused. The design challenge was to address the scale of material use and ecological impact. Our multi-tenant structure needed to provide a shelter from the elements and predators, have good ventilation, suitable daylight and an operational plan for cleaning and general upkeep. In addition, we wanted to create a suitable environment for the hens to thrive and lay eggs.

We also engaged the owners in the provision of recycled materials as well as the construction of the coop through sweat equity. We provided them with basic building materials as well as instructions to help them build it themselves with the support of our trained volunteers.

While a tiny chicken coop can only do so much to save the world, it can still bring families one step closer towards food security and a sustainable method of living.

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